Vision Trap™

Installing Vision Trap™ 

Installing Vision Trap™ is quick and easy.

Here's a short animation showing how it connects into your drainage pipeline.


Installation Instructions

For installation purposes make sure inlet/outlet are installed in the correct orientation.  Follow arrows for correct installation.The Vision Trap™ bowl has a 2-start thread.  Ensure bowl is square to trap and adequately tighten.Sealing O-Ring has been pre-lubed at the manufacturing level.  Future lubing of the O-Ring on an intermittent basis as deemed necessary.The top breather pipe needs to be installed after Vision Trap™ installation.The length of breather to be decided at installation, water tray level deemed normal.We recommend the use of a single sterilising tablet in the bowl, to provide long-lasting protection against bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores.Like a p-trap, the Vision Trap™ must be primed with water to function.


Please install this part correctly as per Manufacturer's Instructions.The PVC inside dropper pipe has been assembled and glued in place at time of manufacture.Capacity - 225mls.


The manufacturer accepts no responsibility whatsoever for injury, damage or loss due to misuse, poor workmanship, faulty and/or incorrect installation.

VisionTrap Pricing & Stockists

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