Engine Upgrade Kits for Surf Rescue

PSP's SurfKit is a collection of powerfully upgraded engine components that are designed for strength and reliability under surf lifesaving conditions. They are a favourite among surf lifesaving clubs, and competitive sport users.

SurfKit Products & Components

These kits and components are unique products that are available from PSP. Contact

Surf Kit

Safety Strop (General)

Dia 10 Outboard Support Rod

UHMWPE Solid Engine Mounts (set of 4)

Bungy cowling clamp system

Pull start extension

IRB Rack (3 tier 316 S/S)

S/S Compression tube

Weighted Racing Spinners (set of 2)

Standard Spinners (set of 2)

SurfKit Pricing & Stockists

Contact us for details on pricing, availability, and the best place to puchase and install the PSP SurfKit near you.

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