Vision Trap™

Trap Maintenance Made Easy

Vision Trap™ is a faster, easier, safer way to maintain air-conditioning drainage lines. It is designed specifically for air-conditioning maintenance and is a direct replacement for the traditional p-trap.

Vision Trap™ offers:

  • ‘One glance’ monitoring: The transparent bowl lets you check for build-up quickly and easily, without having to gain access.
  • Access in seconds: Need to remove a potential blockage? Simply unscrew the transparent bowl, flush out any debris, then screw it back in.
  • Compact design: Measuring just 90mm high, Vision Trap™ is designed to fit easily into tight ceiling spaces.
  • Greater capacity: With a capacity of 225ml, Vision Trap™ can hold twice as much water as a traditional p-trap.
  • Ongoing protection: Add a single sterilising tablet for long-lasting protection against bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores.

How Vision Trap™ Works

Vision Trap™ is a versatile device that can be used anywhere a P-Trap exists. In air-conditioning systems it provides a safer, easier to access alternative to a P-Trap.


Suction-fan A/C Systems

The Vision Trap™ is a P-Trap / Air-Break that is crucial for the healthy operation of all A/C systems with a suction fan.  By breaking suction, the Vision Trap™ ensures smooth water flow through your drainage system.  Its clear bowl enables you to detect any contamination build-up early, thus preventing severe water damage caused by tray overflow.

Gravity-drain A/C Systems

It also makes good sense to install the Vision Trap™ into gravity drain systems (blow fans).  These units do block/dam from time to time - unblocking them can be costly, time consuming and messy.

Vision Trap Composition

VisionTrap Hub:  General-purpose PVC, standard plumbing grade.     

VisionTrap Bowl: Optical grade clear nylon.         

Bowl Capacity

The Vision Trap™ holds 225mls of water - more than twice as much as a traditional P-Trap.

VisionTrap Pricing & Stockists

Contact us for details on pricing, availability, and the best place to puchase VisionTrap near you.

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